How to Set Up PurePerms

1. Login to your Multicraft control panel and select your server.

2. Download PurePerms

3. Click on the Files>FTP File Access tab in the control panel.
Files FTP File Access Tab

4. Enter your control panel password in the Multicraft Password box and click on Login.

5. Click on the plugins folder.
Plugins Folder

6. Click on Upload.
Upload Button

7. Click on Choose File under the Files section.
Choose File Button

8. A dialogue box will appear. Navigate to the location where PurePerms.phar is stored (downloads folder), select it, and click Open.
PurePerms File

9. Click on Submit.

10. PurePerms is now installed. Navigate back to the main page of the control panel and restart your server if it was running or start your server if it was stopped. This will generate the necessary plugin files.

Command Description Permission
 /addgroup <group>  Adds a new group to the groups list. pperms.command.addgroup 
 /addparent <target_group> <parent_group>  Adds a group to another group inheritance list.  pperms.command.addparent
 /defgroup <group> [world]  Allows you to set default group.  pperms.command.defgroup
/fperms   Allows you to find permissions for a specific plugin.  pperms.command.fperms
 /groups  Shows a list of all groups.  pperms.command.groups
 /grpinfo <group> [world]  Shows info about a group.  pperms.command.grpinfo
 /listgperms <group> <page> [world]  Shows a list of all permissions from a group.  pperms.command.listgperms
 /listuperms <player> <page> [world] Shows a list of all permissions from a user.   pperms.command.listuperms
 /ppinfo  Shows info about PurePerms.  pperms.command.ppinfo
 /ppsudo <login / register>  Registers or logs into your Noeul account.  pperms.command.ppsudo
 /ppreload  Reloads all PurePerms configurations.  pperms.command.ppreload
 /rmgroup <group>  Removes a group from the groups list.  pperms.command.rmgroup
 /rmparent <target_group> <parent_group>  Removes a group from another group inheritance list.  pperms.command.rmparent
 /setgperm <group> <permission> [world]  Adds a permission to the group.  pperms.command.setgperm
 /setgroup <player> <group> [world]  Sets group for the user.  pperms.command.setgroup
 /setuperm <player> <permission> [world]  Adds a permission to the user.  pperms.command.setuperm
 /unsetgperm <group> <permission> [world]  Removes a permission from the group.  pperms.command.unsetgperm
 /unsetuperm <player> <permission> [world]  Removes a permission from the user.  pperms.command.unsetuperm
/usrinfo <player> [world]  Shows info about a user.  pperms.command.usrinfo
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